When life hands you lemons…make art

Artist Bio

BenWarren was raised in the crossroad town of West Springfield, Massachusetts, but spent much of his time exploring the woods of Western Mass. Following his dad’s advice of doing what he loved Ben majored in Fine Art and Theatre at the Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts (MCLA). In addition to classroom/stage work, Ben dabbled in many aspects of college life including student government, fraternity, philanthropy, cross country running, and even holding a job or two at any given time. Life was good.

It  has been a rough year since leaving the college world. BenWarren moved to Boston with few connections and has been plugging along. Life has been a real eye opener and working for a junk removal company was rock bottom. Art has not been in the forefront so far, the focus  has been survival and physical fitness.  He pulled himself together earning the Spartan Race Tri-fecta medal and  a Massachusetts Teaching License in Visual Art for grades 5-12.

Current employment at the YMCA teaching pre-K sports and kindergarten after school has been a breath of fresh air, but BenWarren keeps his eyes on the prize as he wishes to become a high school art educator.


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